We’re closed

Pretty soon we’ll be moving on to new, and very different things.
We’re not really sure what that will be yet, so it’s all pretty exciting.
But it means we’re not taking on any new projects, and will be closed forever on February 29th, 2012.

Thanks to everyone we’ve worked with over the last four amazing and successful years. It’s been a slice.


An introduction to Richard Young, Designer

Design industry veteran Richard Young specializes in solving complex creative problems using ego-free thinking, clear and direct communication, and clean, uncluttered design.

He cares deeply about what he does and who he does it for—Richard simply won’t work with the bad eggs of this world. Instead he chooses to work mainly with charities and creative commercial companies.

Over fourteen years in the industry makes Richard experienced and agile enough to be capable and flexible. He cares about the details and the personal touch. And as a result he has worked for happy clients in Canada, the USA, South America, the UK and mainland Europe.

The Forest


Project type: Studio overflow service

Skills employed: Consultancy, Website development and CMS integration, Email marketing

Status: Ongoing


Richard has partnered with The Forest’s principal (and formidable graphic designer) Steven Cretney for a number of years; helping him out by providing pre-production consultancy and development of the agency’s digital projects.

Problems solved

Richard has worked on various projects for The Forest, including feasibility consultancy, website development and CMS integration, and email marketing campaigns for environmentalist clients and the tourism industry.



Project type: Website

Skills employed: Pre-production consultancy, Information Architecture, UI Design

Status: Completed mid-2009


Armed with nothing more than a vision, some rough ideas and plenty of energy, Christian Aid’s Head of International Marketing, Nick Marsh commissioned Richard to help him plan and execute a comprehensive digital strategy for their feisty Spanish language start-up charity, InspirAction.

Problems solved

Right from the get-go, Nick relied on Richard as senior consultant to the creative and technical execution of the website.

Primarily focussed on front-end design and usability, Richard developed a comprehensive Information Architecture, a content schedule and detailed wireframes. Then he brought the whole thing to life with the design of a full suite of vibrant User Interface templates.


Various clients

Project types: Branding, Websites, Copywriting

Skills employed: Brand & logo development, Graphic design for print and digital, HTML & CSS, Copywriting

Status: Ongoing


Close family ties to some of the biggest names in the industry, together with its inherently creative nature makes the publishing world a really great fit for Richard.

Over the years, he's produced print and digital collateral for critically acclaimed and award-winning authors, internationally recognized literary agents, independent 'alternative' travel writers and boutique bookshops.

Select clients

Allan Guthrie, David Bajo, Elise Blackwell, FORUM Books, Jenny Brown Associates, Ken & George

Open Fundraising


Project type: Studio overflow service

Skills employed: Consultancy, Graphic design, Digital development

Status: Completed mid-2009


A start-up founded by former colleagues at Bluefrog, Open Fundraising initially had no in-house resources.

Richard was asked to provide consultancy, graphic design and digital services until they were able to hire their own creative team.

Problems solved

Richard created Open's initial branding and wordmark, provided creative and technical consultancy, and designed & developed websites and digital marketing campaigns.

During this period, Richard helped Open provide digital creative for Action For Children, British Heart Foundation, Centrepoint, HOME Fundraising, VSO, and WWF.

About Richard

Currently based in the Canadian province of British Columbia, Richard has been a professional graphic designer (mainly for digital) since 1997. Before escaping from London and going freelance in January 2008, he was a Director and Head of Digital at the award-winning not-for-profit-specialist agency Bluefrog.

In his career, Richard has produced successful (and in some cases award-winning) projects for many different non-profit organizations; from start-ups like Christian Aid’s InspirAction to established household names like Amnesty International, Friends of the Earth and Oxfam.

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Richard Young